回眸双十节 – Retrospective View of Double Ten Day

10 October is Taiwan’s National Day, and in Honolulu it’s a lot of fun. I particularly enjoy the puppet plays, which usually have strong villains. It will be interesting to see which new modern-era props will be sported by this year’s villians. We must boo the villains, don’t you know? They deserve it SO MUCH!

These young Zhong Hua Min Guo soldiers on the above graphic were and are my peers. As an enlisted Communications Technician (read electronic spy) I was stationed to US Naval Intelligence Taibei (in an NSA shop) two years after this 1965 shot. These guys are far too introspective, as they tromp dutifully through the streets of Taipei [(on one of the rare days when there was actually some visibility in that profoundly polluted era in Taibei), sporting multiple absolutely black and absolutely serious images of an exceedingly Yoda-esque Sun Yatsen (There is no TRY, Luke!)] to be effective fighters, is it not? These men were in denial, and the atmosphere they created with that feeling pervaded Taibei. Their world simply did not make sense to them. Their parents had lost bigtime, but nevertheless the then seriously declining Chiang Kaishek had decreed hourly TV spots proclaiming (with enhanced sound volume) Taiwan’s intention to reinvade the Chinese mainland! The same message was displayed on huge billboards on the sides of virtually all the public buses that cruised Taibei. In fact, the G-Mo was no longer playing with a full deck at that point, but for the locals, Confucianist ethics forbade any mention of that, even to other Chinese.

And yes, these men you see here did consider themselves *Chinese*, and I’m sure that remains true of them today, for those that are still with us. To question that identity would have been to take your life in your hands. Back in the day, the Chinese language teachers in the Defense Language Institute that I attended in Monterey before being posted overseas were all from Taiwan, (and all working for the KMT I suspect), but they also volunteered the same kind of information about themselves when they started a new class. They introduced themselves as being from their family’s ancestral home on the Chinese mainland. According to them, Taiwan wasn’t their home. It was a place that they were just visiting.

So what finally happened to these men here? They were Boomers, just like me, and like me they just weren’t “lifer” (professional military) material. Nothing could be clearer than that from their demeanor and body language here (except for this platoon leader on the left, whom I really admire!) So as a whole generational cohort together, they got out of the Army, got financial aid from both the Americans and the Japanese, and perpetrated the post-war “Economic Miracle” of Taiwan. Sorry folks, that buzz-word contains zero truth. The people who escaped from the Chinese mainland with Chiang Kaishek, the parents of the soldiers you see here, were exactly the hereditary moneyed classes of China, who, because of their long cultural memory of what happens in Chinese succession crises, had decided to get out. They had seen the Chinese Communist atrocities coming, and they had correctly deduced that their beloved homeland was about to become a scenario “from which the Sage withdraws.” What was a “Miracle” to a perfectly naive world, but America in particular, was nothing but business as usual for them. I seriously doubt that any of the clan elders involved in this (or the entire KMT first two generations in Taiwan for that matter) ever even broke a sweat throughout that entire “Miracle.”

To this day, I believe that the smartest money of traditional China, some of which literally has millennia of accumulated wisdom about money, government, and families behind it, continues to be based in Taiwan, or controlled from Taiwan, and that, hare-brained females of Cai Yingwen, if you don’t get her to stop attacking that side of your country, she may find herself out of a job very fast, and in fact, it may already be too late for her this year. But in that case we know going in that she will also be back very fast. This woman is not a quitter, and I like her a lot, and my intuition is that she will in fact prevail one way or another, and that her ICHIBAN ZHANLU:E (一番战略) in that effort will be to STOP FIGHTING THE KMT this instant! (立马就不再给国民党挑战,好吗,珍贵的女士?)

Maitreya Meher Namo Namo
Vishveshwar Bodhisattva

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Newsletter 4.9 -September 2018

The Maitreyayana Newsletter, Vol. 4, No. 9 – September 2018

There was such an uproar in Taibei yesterday (3 Sep, Taiwan’s Veteran’s Day) that I made a strategic decision to stop reading Chinese news sources, because Chinese street noise is getting really, really old. Instead I will now read for backstory that illuminates current events.

Yesterday’s noisy demonstrations in Taibei go back to a gentleman called Sun Yatsen, who studied in Honolulu and Japan, was Chiang Kaishek’s mentor, and wrote Taiwan’s Democratic Constitution, but he didn’t write it for Taiwan, he wrote it for the Zhong Hua Min Guo (中华民国 – of which I think the best translation is “Democratic China”). So why can’t this country honor it’s own founders, and its traditions and stuff, by using its proper name, is what these veterans want to know, because they never took an oath to serve and protect Taiwan with their lives. Their oath was to Democratic China.

Pres. Cai Yingwen has no sympathy for their position, and I don’t think she realizes that Taibei could be a real zoo for the forseeable future if she and her newfangled Party don’t back off. I know that because I’m also a military service vet, I feel just like they do, and I’m not even Chinese. Yeesh! Does anyone ever grow up?

So I have started my new search for the meaning of Taiwan in its history, with the principal protagonist, Sun Yatsen, and I would like to share a couple of interesting graphics with you from that endeavor:

What a beautiful family! Sun Yatsen is the second from the left in the front. His distinguished mother, who is undoubtedly the reigning Matriarch of this family, is dead center in the frame, and she is using her cane to help ground her gifted child. It’s clear that Sun Yatsen was a Guru from birth; you can tell from the eyes.

The Guru in his maturity. May every word of the Guru come to fruition, and may God save us all from rejecting whatever Guru he has chosen to send us.

Mature citizens of Democratic China, aka Taiwan, call this man “The Father of our Country,” and that’s true. He is to Democratic China what George Washington is to America. The Green Party, if it tries to be an exception to this, will only irreversibly divide their country, which will then be over-run by barbarians and lost in the dregs of history.

Maitreya Meher Namo Namo,
Vishveshwar Bdhstv

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Where Taiwan’s Real Strength Lies

Ref: rfa, SF Wuzhouhongmen 170th Anniversary

This Chinese language article about the oldest and largest of San Francisco’s Chinese Tongs celebrating its 170th anniversary, then goes on to a very interesting description of its distinguished revolutionary history. In general, it’s almost impossible to encounter real information about these mysterious quasi-esoteric groups in English.

In the picture above you can see the prominent display of both US and Taiwan flags, but no Chinese mainland flags. How can this be a revolutionary group, then? Well, it so happens that Chiang Kaishek’s mentor, Dr. Sun Yatsen, did overthrow the Qing dynasty, with Triad martial artists that he recruited from this SF Tong, among others. Sun Yatsen had studied in Honolulu, and he also took another group of Triad warriors from the Honolulu Tongs on his little expedition to change Chinese history, aka to blatantly and successfully foment Revolution.

Sun Yatsen’s original tiny little Tong Hall still exists in Waipahu on this island (O’ahu), and it’s one of my favorite historical artifacts. What I like about it is that it’s 100% Taoist, there isn’t one single Confucianist shred or nuance about it. It’s not an active temple, but is available for viewing as an historical artifact. But since it’s been left alone in natural surroundings, some of the Daoist spirits that were once worshiped there still maintain their protective presence.

The story lead in the Chinese article contains this language: “from overthrowing the Qing and reinstating the Ming to overthrowing Communism and reinstating the Chung Hua Min Guo  ((Taiwan’s official name, ‘Democratic China’ –vshr)) …”

So this is where the real strength of Taiwan lies. There are innumerable overseas Chinese groups, not only on the Pacific Rim anymore, but spread throughout the planet, that are either openly or clandestinely working on this same goal of overthrowing Communism to bring back Sun Yatsen and Chiang Kaishek’s vision of modern democratic government for China, and these groups will now increasingly go on record.

Maitreya Meher Namo Namo,

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There will be another Dalai Lama …

But Tensin Gyatso doesn’t know the details, because that person won’t be him, and that person isn’t talking to him!

Source: VOA interviews Dawa Tsering on the Dalai Lama’s Reincarnation The following is the conclusion of the article:


Dawa Tsering (达瓦才仁 – the Dalai Lama’s representative in Taiwan) expressed that His Holiness the Dalai Lama put forth that he wanted a “win-win” on the Tibetan issue. He said that if the Chinese government couldn’t accept even this kind of “indulgent” attitude, the Tibetan people then just didn’t have any other choice but a “state of sharply pointed (尖锐) opposition,” and that this kind of “confrontation” had no benefits for either side.


He (HHDL) said: “No matter whether we’re speaking from the POV of the Tibetan people, or that of ethnic Chinese (worldwide), or that of (mainland) China, the Dalai Lama’s existence is a win-win for both sides, or else it’s win-win-win, but in any case winning in common. If the Dalai Lama can’t solve this problem while he’s still alive, there’s only one final solution, and perhaps it means that everybody loses, but since everyone is competing, (the issue becomes) whose loss is most disasterous.”

((For this translator, the issue has become, “when each baseless speculation is more disasterous than the one before it, how long can that series of speculations become before it kills the entire article? -vshr))

This negativity on the part of Tensin Gyatso, about THE MOST highly loaded issue in Tibetan culture, is certain to plunge the Tibetan community to new depths of despair, perhaps motivating even more incidents of self-immolation by monks in Tibet. Tensin provokes all this stuff automatically without even thinking about it, because that’s where the depth of his mind lives. He loves political drama, and so he automatically anchors on anything that will produce this effect. That has had certain powerful and sometimes beneficial effects, but again, this just isn’t the mind of Chenresig at work here.

I’m certainly not a Tulku, but in Tensin Gyatso’s shoes, I could certainly come up with something more beneficial to the Tibetan people than this message of despair, and here it is:

1. The Buddha Has Come Again

His name in this life was Meher Baba, who was the fourth coming of Gautama Lord Buddha. The second coming of Buddha was Jesus Christ, the third coming was Mohammed the Prophet. The reason that the Tibetan people have had to suffer exile and the destruction of most of their homeland, their sacred Dharma, and their traditional culture is that Jesus Christ visited Tibet during the so-called “lost years” of his young adulthood, which are not recorded in the Christian Bible, and he found that His previous teaching as the Buddha had been made into an elitist production by the Tibetan lamas, who refused to share it with the Tibetan commoners. When Jesus Christ objected to this, the Lamas threw him out of Tibet to protect their totalitarian theocracy. The lamas’ rejection of the then current Buddha resulted in the terrible karma that the entire Tibet Tibetan people is now suffering at the hands of Communist China. The Jews also rejected the Christ for very similar reasons, and that is why they suffered the Holocaust at the hand of Hitler’s Third Reich.

May God save us all from rejecting whatever Saints, Masters, and Avatars He may choose to send us!

2. Communist China is about to Fall

However dreadful the individual and/or group karma, the expiation of it does come to an end, and this time is now at hand for the Tibetan people.

As the Trump administration has accurately observed, the current regime in China is unstable. I don’t know exactly when it will finally fall, but certainly “within the forseeable future.” Since Xi-Dada has decided to declare himself Emperor by effectively throwing out China’s Consititution, when this government falls, what will tend to be set in motion is the dreadful dynamics of civil disorder that have almost always accompanied dynastic succession crises in China, and these once again may include civil war and the partition of the country along ethnic lines.

Whatever happens, I think that, for the Tibetans in exile, the best preparation in the present is to develop and accentuate strength and courage by actively engaging martial arts and military training, in whatever formats and contexts these are available to each Tibetan male, from traditional martial arts to service in mainstream military services of other established countries. In other words, Tibetans, get ready to occupy and hold territory by exoteric mainstream means. Forget “wrathful practices.” Such practices were a mistake from the very beginning, and they are utterly useless in the modern era. But martial arts can become the preliminary stage of Yoga in the general case, and military training builds character and leadership ability.

3. Buddhadharma Pervades All The Vast Reaches of Space and Time

When Communist demons eat Buddhadharma, it only poisons them, and then they get stupid and crazy, curl up, turn green, and die. Apparently, that is the only way they ever learn anything, and it’s really too bad, but let’s not even try to deny them the only learning process they are ever going to accept, OK?”

Meher Baba said, “Now all the streams (of the traditional lineages) have run dry, and the Ocean has to rise and flood them again!” The Ocean to which He was referring is His universal spiritual transmission in this, His Avataric Cycle, which is scheduled to last for something like another century. During this time, empowerment through lineages is depreciated because all the empowerment you’re ever going to need is right there from the Buddha Himself. Just take Refuge with Him and keep pure Precepts and Vows. You can do that either with His traditional names and forms, or with his present name (Meher Baba), it makes no difference to Him. Whatever works for you, He will go along with that. Meher Baba is an absolutely “individual service” Avatar, the first one on record, please! He promised to help each of us each in our own individual way, that has absolutely been my experience with Him, since first coming to Him in 1968.

Also please note that one thing Meher Baba absolutely disapproved of was “fighting wars in My Name.” Another such thing is claiming the final spiritual hegemony of only one of the major religions, all of which were, in fact, established by this very same Person. He said, ” I will put them together like beads on one string” (as opposed to homogenizing them all together into one chaotic New Age beach party, all in the name of Unity, please!) Or, to quote Lord Krishna on the perils of that kind of “Unity”, “The Dharma of another is dangerous.”

With my blessings to the Tibetan people in general, including their “Dalai Lama.” But with that Nihilist view of his, which is one of the worst heresies in the Buddhadhama, I doubt that Tensin Gyatso has much longer to live in this life.

Tibetan people, I can guarantee you, without any possible shadow of a doubt, that there WILL BE another real reincarnation of Chenresig as the next recognized Dalai Lama. That person will be discovered by real orthodox and existing Tibetan tulkus, and WILL BE given the rearing and training appropriate to his spiritual status, and in His maturity HE WILL guide a new and free Tibet after the demise of the current Communist rule. This has been revealed to me by the Buddha.

From this very seat, and by His very Blessing,

Maitreya Meher Namo Namo,
Vishveshwar Bodhisattva, Maitreyayana 2nd Patriarch

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It’s the Tiny Little Insults that Hurt. The. Worst.

Xi-Bo wouldn’t even notice a major Chinese stock market crash go by. It’s only money, and what’s money when you’re the duly appointed Emperor of this planet? But denying mail services? What a terrifying kick in the gut!

We call it “Death by a Thousand Cuts,” Xi-Bo, and it always begins exactly like this. And you know from doing exactly this very same thing to thousands of your own very, very unfortunate people, that once it gets this bad, it never gets better for the victim. Never. There must be no loose ends left lying around. You know that very well.

中国商品邮寄美国不再便宜 特朗普总统取消中国邮递折扣




What this says is that today Pres. Trump cancelled China’s preferential mail rates with the USPS. He cited security concerns, and I agree with him. This makes mail to and from China difficult and expensive, and gives every one of the innumerable undercover Chinese operatives in America a perfect excuse to not even report to Beijing:

“I tried but the report seems to have gotten lost in the mail. And my cell phone has been acting bugged, so I was afraid to use it. And we know that the Web is absolutely not secure.”

According to other documents published by Radio Free Asia Chinese Edition, China has a huge undercover intelligence network operating in America, and it uses primarily Big Data collection techniques. The massive data collection demands of these techniques would make the whole system absolutely vulnerable to the effective loss of a cheap, dependable, and low-profile method of data transfer like the good old US mail.

I believe that most of the Chinese victims, as well as the operatives themselves, of Xi Jinping’s intelligence apparatus in America are students. The victims, at least, are likely to correctly deduce from this action that Donald Trump is on their side. And I believe that once you turn the victims, the entire system will not be far behind.

Maitreya Meher Namo Namo,
Vishveshwar Bdhstv

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对吧? 图像上的对句是我维杉菩萨所作的,还是咱们自由世界一切民众所普遍认同的,因为就是咱们从古时一直到今的绝对铁定的、永远打不破的常规!


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君必有临   The Noble Must Have Companions

Bless me Sangha, for I have tweaked. I added all those green maple leaves to this graphic simply because they were already inside my trusty open source image editor. Sorry ’bout that! They’re green, OK? It’s to honor Pres. Tsai’s Green Party, and also because Taiwan itself is just SUCH a green island!

Maitreya Meher Namo Namo,




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