Newsletter 4.4 – April 2018

The Maitreyayana Newsletter, Vol. 4, No. 4, April 2018

Practice Update

My physical exercise baselines broke to 225 on 18 Feb 18. I’m on schedule, and can reasonably forsee reaching 234 this month, and 243, GOAL, in May. At this stage in the game, however, all such assertions must be followed by a big “Insh’Allah” (God Willing). This is obligatory. The power of Maya (the universal power of delusion) always peaks towards the end of such vrats, and only the Lord can save one from her disasterous and chaotic shenanigans.

Music Repertoire Redirection

For the nonce, I will continue my current schedule of music from the Meher Baba Singalong Book on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, and Hawaiian material on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Aloha Friday. But the source of my Hawaiian repertoire will now change radically. I am throwing out the He Mele Aloha songbook, and moving to Na Himeni o ka Ekalesia, the official Hawaiian-language hymnal of the United Church of Christ, Hawai’i Conference (1999). The lyrics in this are exclusively Hawaiian, but it has very developed indexes of Hawaiian to English titles and first lines (and vice versa) which allow me to draw search strings to find the English lyrics, and in many cases, ‘ukelele chords, online. This is not wierd Hawaiians-only stuff, please! The majority of it is direct translations out of the traditional and some current American Protestant repertoire. But I work from the Hawaiian side because Hawaiian is a first-class sacred language, and I want the spiritual transmission in it. Therefore, all this repertoire will be sung in both Hawaiian and English (Except the Queen’s Prayer, which I simply cannot sing in English).

Of Kawaiaha’o Church’s Incoming Kahu, Kenneth Makuakane

Ref: Makuakane at Atherton Studio, 27 Feb 15

The introductory material on that page says:

Kenneth Makuakāne has received more than 150 nominations and a total of 14 Nā Hōkū Hanohano Awards, the Hawaiʻi equivalent of the Grammy Awards. He is the leader of the Pandanus Club, a multi-award winning group, and the composer of over 1,500 songs, some recorded by the Brothers Cazimero, Nā Leo Pilimehana, Kapena, the Pandanus Club, and Amy Hānaiali’i Gilliom.

Makuakane is also a very qualified Kahu (Pastor). I first heard him speak at Kawaihao Church on Easter Sunday this year. This guy is a bona fide charismatic character, and he really knows how to work a crowd. The special bulletin issued with the Easter 2018 Worship Service program says this about his pastoral work:

Kahu … is Conference Minister and Spiritual Leader to our Hawaiian Churches. He is also the Commissioned Minister for Church Vitality Hawaiian Conference, UCC (United Church of Christ). Kahu Ken plans to begin his ministry at Kawaiaha’o Church on May 6th, 2018.

Kahu is truly a professional. This Easter had to be one of the first times, if not THE first time, that he got ahold of the pulpit in this Church that he’s not yet truly the Pastor of, and after the obligatory shucking and jiving and joke-telling, the first thing that came out of his mouth, from a dead-serious demeanor and far-away eyes, was “What is this Church about? You belong to The. Church. Of. CHANGE !!! (Dead silence for 30 beats). So the critical trance anchor got planted in the fertile soil of the mass mind of what is probably the most vital Christian Church in Hawaii. The next riff was, “When the grass is greener on the other side, that means that it’s time to make your own grass green again, no? Sure, that’s what we’re DOING HERE, NO?” I’ve severely edited this riff, which at any rate was greeted with a scattered chorus of the most tentative and back-slid noises that I’ve ever heard in my life. It’s going to be “a journey” folks! Count on it!

I took Communion with the Congregation at Kawaiaha’o Church for the second Easter in a row, and on the way out I greeted the Pastor of a Protestant Church for the first time in my life, saying: “I think you’re what this Church needs. I’m looking forward to great new change!” He just replied by saying “Yes!” with a smile.

Kawaiaha’o Church is the only Christian Church that I’ve ever felt comfortable in in my life, and I don’t think anything could change that, including the kind of organizational and motivational crisis that has obviously been going on there between this Easter and last in my absence. Whether I finally choose to become a formal member remains to be seen. What should and must be said and written is that I will never, EVER consider joining any other Christian Church. Never! (I don’t have to know what they do and say in my absence, when I can read them at a glance from the way they interact at a meeting. This is a group that I can trust to be who they are, which is as good as it ever gets with human beings).

For some personal observations about the background of Kawaiaha’o Church, please see this page: 2017 Easter Mass at Kawaiaha’o Church.

Maitreya Meher Namo Namo,

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Fa Lun Gong Technicians have been Progressively Compromising the “Great Firewall of China” with Dynamic Webpage Technology since 2002

Ref:NTDTV 31Mar18 Chinese language video clip

【新唐人(New Tang Dynasty* TV, abbrev. NTDTV, New York】中共从3月31号开始可能采取措施,进一步限制互联网自由。大陆网民自行搭建VPN翻墙或将被禁止,只允许使用官方许可的vpn服务器。技术人员提醒,这显著的安隐患。不过,自由门等免费翻墙工具不受这轮审查干扰,仍可正常使用。

The Chinese Communist took possible measures on 31 Mar to further limit freedom on the Internet. Mainland netizens have voluntarily erected VPN (virtual personal networks) to jump over the firewall, and this will be forbidden, only government-approved VPN servers will be permitted. Technicians warn that there are hidden dangers in this. Still, Freegate and other free tools for jumping over the firewall are not interfered with by this round of censorship, so they can be utilized as usual.

*((The dynastic reference is quite significant. The Tang Dynasty, the greatest and most civilized of all the Chinese dynasties, was utterly different from the Han, which is what the CCP and the current Chinese mainland government have flaunted as their historical precedent. The Tang were flourishers, and the Han were controllers, and in the long run and the big picture, the Tang Dynasty was the greatest and the best.

Please find below my interlinear translation of the text abstract of this highly informative video clip. – vshr))



The Chinese Communists’ firewall-building, and the tussle with netizens to jump over it, is again escalating.


Last year the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology gave notice of the thorough investigation of VPN, and on 31 Mar (Saturday), the investigation was concluded.


The outside world predicted that at the scheduled time the Ministry might completely wipe out netizens’ VPN servers, and that after this only “government-approved VPN” could be utilized.

外界批评,官方VPN (virtual personal network),使用月费可能高达数万美元;更可能留下翻墙者脚印。

The criticism from the outside was that monthly fees could amount to tens of thousands of dollars per month, and those jumping over the wall could be tracked.


The government can put their own data-mining and monitoring software on such VPN. Those using those VPN say that, number one their identity is exposed, and also possibly their browser’s address and web domain could be harvested.


According to Britain’s Financial Times’ feedback from many firms posted outside of China, the difficulty of using VPN to jump over the wall is increasing. A number of foreign enterprizes have been forced to blaze a new trail, using international SIM cards to roam on the web, but it’s quite pricy, and raises business overhead.

不过,由动态网〞开发的 〝自由门〞(Freegate) 等免费翻墙软件,不受中共这波审查的干扰依然能稳定翻墙。

Nevertheless, Dynamic Webpage’s Freegate and other free software for jumping over the wall are not affected by this wave of censorship by the Chinese Communists, and so can normalize wall-jumping. (Why is this flashing me back to the “wall-jumping monks” of Medieval Japan? – vshr).


Because Freegate and UltraSurf use your own special protocols, it’s in a different mode. Therefore that software that blocks VPN has no influence on these software of ours such as Freegate.


Information on the Chinese Communist building of the Great Firewall in 1998 to Obstruct Freedom on the Internet.


It was only in 2002 that a group of technicians organized Dynamic Webpages, and they were majorly students of Fa Lun Gong using their own resources for funding. Their original intention was to break through the Chinese Communists’ lockdown on truth in opposing Fa Lun Gong.

美国国会参议院2011年报告指出,〝自由门〞 和〝无界浏览〞(UltraSurf) 是目前最有效的翻墙软件。

In 2011, an American Senate report pointed out that “Freegate” and “UltraSurf” at present are the most effective software for jumping the wall.


Right now “Freegate” has a large number of users in China, including commercial and governmental organizations stationed in China (from abroad). What we’re developing here is to help netizens not to be influenced by any sealing up of the web by the Chinese Communists. So we’ve chosen many technical measures, because this is very safe.

Bill Xia 说,中共针对VPN的新一轮审查,是其长期封锁自由资讯的进一步举措。但自由门使用业界最强的加密方式,并将不断更新升级,未来仍将帮助自由资讯流入中国。

Bill Xia (a prominent software developer, Google him) says: “This new round of investigations pointed at VPM by the Chinese Communists is to enact another step forward in the long term blocking of freedom of information on the web. But Freegate uses the strongest industrial encryption methods, and will be continuously updated and upgraded, and in the future it will help independent information to enter China.”


New Tang Dynasty reporter Lin Lan, New York

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‘Ukulele Recital – Holy Saturday , 31 Mar 18

Christian Music Only

My back lanai, 5:00 – 6:00 PM, Holy Saturday, 31 Mar 18. I will perform my best Christian numbers in both Hawaiian and English. I have some great songs to share in this genre. “Amazing Grace,” which I now sing in alternate Hawaiian and English verses, was the song that opened my voice, in India, in 2014, before my Guru and the Avatar of God.

Other singers and performers are invited to come and sing along, or share your own repertoire. Please keep on subject, and be aware that no singer or performer will be allowed to hog the floor for more than 5 (five) minutes on a single performance, including your never demeaned enough host.

E kanikapili kakou!

Maitreya Meher Namo Namo,
Vishveshwar Bdhstv, aka Ke’olomakapu’u, 25 Mar 18

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Newsletter 4.3 – March 2018

The Maitreyayana Newsletter, Vol 4, No. 3 – March 2018

Practice Update

My physical practice baselines progressed to 216 reps/breaths on Avatar Meher Baba’s birthday, 25 Feb 18. 216 is kind of an interesting number in that it is twice the 108 of the Tibetan mala. It feels like critical mass for me, and if all continues to go well, I will make 243 on or about my 71st birthday on 24 May this year. Thank you, Baba! It looks your never demeaned enough child is finally going to accomplish something worthwhile in this life, by Your grace.

Of some Experience in the Bardo

The “Bardo” of the Tibetan Dharma classic Bardo Thodol (capriciously titled “The Tibetan Book of the Dead” in English) simply means intermediate state. This is a highly useful term that has entered the English language and can now be found in some English dictionaries. The proper meaning of this term is more general than the terminal intermediate state between death in one body and birth in the next that we find in the Bardo Thodol, which forbids resumption of the previous state. Adolescence is a bardo, for example, and it’s typical for adolescents to flip in and out of childish states until they finally stabilize adult behavior (and of course, some never finally do that).

The bardo that I want to discuss here has more in common with adolescence than death, and it is the bardo that is discussed by Meher Baba in the daily transition between sleep and the awake state, which may or may not be mediated by the dream state in either direction.

One aspect of this that Meher Baba never got into in my knowledge is the time in the daily cycle in which sleep or waking occurs. Hinduism is far more specific about this, and it has long been known that certain times in the daily cycle tend to create bardos of altered states of consciousness, and the most often cited is the famed Brahma Muhurta, the two hours before dawn, which is known to be the best of all possible times for sacred practices. The two hours previous to that is when the demons roam this planet, and unless you are a senior or a working member of the spiritual hierarchy, you are either a demon or a demon-slayer if you’re naturally awake during this time (I am neither of those, and I am normally awake during this period anymore).

In my opinion, the entire six-hour period between midnight and dawn is sacred, and to be awake during this period is to be, consciously or unconsciously, at least tending towards, if not completely submerged in, some bardo.

So now I finally feel safe to start my account of what happened to me this morning, starting shortly after midnight. My apologies to those who just may not need all this backstory.

It was bitterly cold on West O’ahu when I awoke this morning, with the bedclothes all wapsed together in a mongel that was incapable of containing any warmth. I was also drained of energy, and felt no desire to interact with this hostile environment (in the Caucasian reaction to severe cold, the blood retreats to the center of the body). So I just lay passively there in misery until I got bored enough to get up and attempt to put the bedclothes in order, with numb and unresponsive hands. Only then did I start to notice that I was actually freezing to death. The next bad news was that I had a cough, a stuffed-up head and body aches.

The first countermeasure was to shut all the windows and doors. Then I doped myself with hot chocolate, mega-C, echinacea, and a concoction of goji berries, mountain hawthorn hips, and spice tea that I have yet to document. (I am going to do a complete upgrade of my Herbology Index this month – most of what’s in there no longer reflects what I actually eat or use anymore). Then I drank coffee.

Then I sought guidance about whether I should do my usual morning practices. I was surprised by a persistent ‘Yes!”, at about 0230. I had one hour left to convince Carcaseji that a complete departure from our usual sanity had now become de rigeur.

But here’s what proves that what I’m writing about is actually a bardo: on my way to the floor to start pushups, I noticed a Japanese headband with “Kamakaze” (神风 – divine wind)hanging off of one of my alters, and I thought to myself, “You know what? Even imagining a capacity to do pushups in this condition is exactly the SAME STATE that those underaged, undertrained, unsupported, and hyped-up Japanese guys were in when they tried to stop the American navy’s victorious advance on Japan, when the war was already lost!”

So I tied on that black headband with its red Japanese sun dead center, and its white 神风 characters on both sides, and immediately I received spiritual transmission from it! There was this liquid warm energy that flowed down from those characters on both sides, and pervaded my whole body, and the rest is history. I finished my usual routine. I did break a sweat and had a mild fever and a slight cough through it, but that was already after the fact. As I write now, approaching 1000 on the same day, the only remaining symptomatology I have is slight nasal congestion and a very mild cough. It remains to be seen whether I will be able to sing this evening.

And what was that particular headband doing on one of my many altars in the first place? THAT is truly another story for another time, and I will get back to it. Suffice it to write here that I have great respect for the Japanese culture in general, and for its bushido (武士道 – Way of the Warrior) tradition in particular.

Maitreya Meher Namo Namo,
Vishveshwar Bdhstv

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Hawaiian Music Recital- 23 Feb 18

I will hold an ‘ukulele and singing recital by my back lanai at 5-6:00 PM tomorrow, Friday 23 Feb. Hawaiian language songs only, unless there are other requests. Please bring your chairs and other kuleana and hang out with me for a few minutes, OK?

If you want to request a song in advance, feel free to call me or knock on my door. I’m going to be inside working online today and tomorrow, but I will answer my ‘phone and deal with brief interruptions as usual.

If there are singers and musicians who want to kanikapila with me, you’re very welcome. Don’t worry, I can deal with whatever you’ve got. I can sing harmony on stuff that I never heard before, and I can read your fingers for the key. Of course, some braddahs get all bent when I jump on board their music, but what does that have to do with you and me, bra? Mo bettah we just hang da kine lewsahs out for dry and kanikapila TOGETHER in the old Hawaiian way, you!

Maitreya Meher Namo Namo,
Bhauji’s Vishveshwar, aka Keolo Makapu’u

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Newsletter 4.2 – February 2018

The Maitreyayana Newsletter – Vol. 4, No. 2, February 2018

Practice Update

My physical exercise baselines moved to 207 reps/breaths on 26 January, and I subsequently in the current month pushed the isometric exercises to the final goal of 243 reps/breaths in real time. All of this is now quite stable. Pushups are going to have to poke along at delta 7reps/month because I am just SO reactive about them! It’s only by the grace of the Buddha and my guru that I can do any of this at all.

Of the Nature of the Current Season

The time of the year in which we now find ourselves, i.e., the two months after the Winter Solstice, has been known since antiquity, by the two continuing sacred mainstreams of this planet, i.e., the East Asian (Chinese) and the South Asian (Indian), to be the time which was established by God for the yearly purification of this planet and its inhabitants. The Chinese are very concerned about getting their individual and collective scenes absolutely squared away for the onset of the lunar New Year, which normally occurs in February. And Shaivite Hindus can be just completely obsessive about guiding the descent of the mass mind into the material realm with the southern course of the Sun after the Winter Solstice, which they do with austerities during exactly this season.

On top of that in the general case however, there is the significance of the Advent of the current Avatar of God aka Maitreya Buddha aka the Kalki Avatar. Both of the major events that are commemorated in the Meher Baba Community, i.e., His Amartithi (Mahasamadhi – Jan. 31) and His Birth (February 25) occurred during exactly this period. So it could be said, and it should be understood, that the overarching significance of this Avataric Advent is individual and collective purification.

This POV is exactly what is stated at length in virtually all of Meher Baba’s major statements about His life and work. A real sense of the importance to Him of purification and ethical integrity is what should replace the frivilous “Don’t Worry Be Happy” cartoon of Meher Baba which was imprinted on the mass mind, in a concerted publicity campaign that began in the Haight Ashbury district of San Francisco during the hippie era, by a small group of media savvy American trust fund brats, many of whom then became expatriate members of Meher Baba’s principal community at Meherabad (Maharashtra Pradesh), specifically for the purpose of establishing it as their base for the continuing propagation of their superficial and demeaning view of Him.

N. B. – This “Hostile Group” that Meher Baba warned us about is destined to predecease me. Sic transit mundi.

Meher Baba did indeed say “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” He said it as a parting injunction to the masses who were gathered at several Darshan Programs, primarily in Poona, late in His life. It was not given as a personal instruction, and it was never intended to characterize his Avataric Work, or to become the watchword of any Community.

If you want to understand Meher Baba, aka Maitreya Buddha, please please, please read the words of our late venerable Root Guru, Sri Sri Sri Vir Sing “Bhauji” Kalchuri, here: Lord Meher.

With my love and God’s blessing to all, I am, as always
Bhauji’s Vishveshwar, Maitreyayana 2nd Patriarch

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