Turfy, Turfy, Turfy !!!

Editing on Friday 17 Nov 17:
When I checked my guidance about going down island today, it was discretionary to me. I chose not to go because my C string and my tuner are both dead, and I feel that my time would be better spent fixing those issues today. -vshr

My guidance ordered me, in no uncertain terms, NOT to go down island to sing yesterday.

I think I’ve probably learned what I can learn from a Highway 66 turf war for a place to sing among nomads in a road-side diner, but it may be a temporary restriction.

I’ll keep you updated, nomads of record!

I’m into Jesus Christ right now, OK? It happens, and it’s in alignment with people like Kamehameha the Great’s favorite Queen Ka’ahumanu, may every impulse of her great heart be enacted forever throughout Hawai’i-nei, who literally decreed that the religion of these islands is Protestant Christianity, forever and ever, Amen. That established a new basis for all spiritual transmission throughout these islands, including all real spiritual transmission in Hawaiian music.

Spiritual transmission is the entire significance of my birth. I will not be distracted from it, by any cultural process or particular group of people. Count on it!

Maitreya Meher Namo Namo,

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Newsletter 3.11

The Maitreyayana Newsletter Vol. 3, No. 11, November 2017

Vishveshwar’s 2017 Christmas Caroling Programme

WHEREAS I am 70 years old and of sound mind and body, and

WHEREAS I feel delinquent in my devotion to the Christ Child,

THEREFORE I do hereby enact this 2017 Christmas Caroling Programme:

1. All daily music practice sessions between now and Christmas (besides the obligatory Gujarati Aarti of Meher Baba and Begin the Beguine) will be exclusively devoted to this list of nine traditional Christmas Carols:

1. The cherry Tree Carol (in D)
2. O Come, O Come Emmanuel (in E minor)
3. We Three Kings of Orient Are (in G)
4. The First Noel (in D)
5. O Holy Night (in C)
6. What Child is This? (in E minor)
7. Angels We Have Heard on High (in F)
8. Hark the Herald Angels Sing (in G)
9. Silent Night (in B flat)

I will try to stay in the above keys, but it’s my programme, and if that proves too difficult, I may tweak some of the keys. I will post a finalized schedule and key disposition later in December.

2. Christmas occurs on Monday this year. I will perform these Carols along the beach walks of Honolulu, according to this preliminary schedule:

1. Sunday 17 December: Ala Moana Park. I will walk the entire beach front, from one marina to the other, starting at the Ewa end, and going Diamond Head to Magic Island, while continuously singing the glories of the Christ Child.

2. Sunday, Christmas Eve: Kapiolani Park. This will be more laid back, because after all, we do find ourselves in the presence of our Queen. But I will cover the entire beach front, as well as various major trees, and probably the Bandstand as well.

3. Christmas Day: East Waikiki. I will not walk on this occasion. I will plant myself in one place with my entire musical kuleana (paraphenalia), to be prepared to take requests from the onlookers as well as other musicians who may well be present. By that time I plan to have a proper caroling book so that I can expand beyond my nine shticks above. right now I’m working off of a little red folder of stuff that I got from the library.

3. Anyone who wants to join me in this, please feel free, but note well:

I do not sing for money, sex, turf, or face.
I sing for God.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God for whom we perform, was born over 2,000 years ago in a desert outpost called Bethlehem, in what we now call Israel, to a poor carpenter named Joseph and an unknown maiden named Mary. Both of his parents were members of a mysterious cult of extremist desert mystics, the Essenes, and both of them were like me in that they eschewed money, sex, turf, and face, for the sake of their advanced and intimate relationship with their beloved God.

I understand that there are very, very few today who can hew to the severe ethical standards that Joseph, Mary, and yours truly have adopted, but if you can’t at least respect the living demonstration of ethical standards to which you may be incapable of rising personally, I don’t want to see you on this project.

4. All wandering minstrels with me shall wear their hats and carry both water bottles and umbrellas at all times. Even though the skies may be clear when we start, God loves wandering minstrels, and it is very possible that we will provoke His blessing in the form of rain, just by being who we are.

I will be very happy to provide music for those who contact me in advance about it, and otherwise, I think it will be very easy to sing along and/or kanikapia because this is very familiar material. So feel free to show up and participate at any rate. In additiom, if it comes to that, I certainly don’t mind singing solo. Fierce practice in the face of opposition, whether open or hidden, ALWAYS wins the Blissful Lord’s Grace.

In His love,
Vishveshwar Bdhstv

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Newsletter 3.10

The Maitreyayana Newsletter Vol. 3. No. 10 ,October 2017

Practice update – my morning calestenics and isomentrics are up tp 171 reps/breaths per set everywhere. I think I can steadily increase that at the rate of 9_reps/month, to reach my goal of 243 around June 2018.

Happy Taiwan National Day (10/10)!

Taiwanese are purely outstanding. They should be highly commended for continuing to have the guts, balls, and brains (You danliangde, ke gei wo kaixin lo!) to stand up to the reigning planetary bully.

Divining with Sudoku

The 9X9 Sudoku Maitrix (I’ve stopped calling it a ‘grid’ because this is one of the fractals that spin off the 9X9 Tai Xuan Jing graphic, which is a true matrix (which means mother in the Latin root) to the point that, in 700 years when Maitreya Meher comes again as a Japanese scientist, His major Avataric work will be involved with heading off the incipient planetary disaster which will then be the result of a number of well-meaning but misguided ladies’ abuses of this power to create misaligned and misbuilt living beings.

I’m sorry, ladies of merit, but it’s been tried before, and the final result of it was the total ecological destruction of the planet we now call Mars, and God is not going to allow the repetition of that abysmally stupid and irresponsible experiment. But neither is he going to do the hard work of re-discovering life sciences so powerful that living beings, with squeaky clean genomes, can be created anew from scratch. We’re to the point that, as a whole human race, we really need to start being responsible for the welfare of our planet and the maintenance of our genome, which latter is a screaming disaster in its own right as I write, if you care to check it.

So the Protocols of the Great Mother .001 is the Sudoku puzzle, which is a deliberate attempt to kill every whiff of archetypal alignment in the Tai Xuan Jing, and of course, it fails to do that because Arabic numbers themselves have archetypal meanings. What this does do, however, is to clear the perceptual field (as well as synaptic structures that keep obstructions in place, i.e., the artifacts of unconscious perceptual habits, by a deliberate process of using rules of relationship, and devious conscious design, to scatter and also hide any possible accumulation of meaning at any point in the matrix. It’s like Zen meditation on steriods ~~because it’s not like letting cloudy water clear by inertial settling as per Zen; it’s more like actively precipitating everything in suspension, working from a hidden table of perceptual elements which are the 81 Shou of the Tai Xuan Jing, as per mainstream chemical cascades 120 generations in advance of what we’ve got in the pipeline at the moment; I call it “isometrics for the neural wiring of the brain.”

If you don’t start from zero with something this powerful, you are pure damned certain to create something truly ugly down the line with it. That’s why I have literally given myself 8 more months in which to putz around with Sudoku before I even dare to look seriously at one damned Shou.

Solving one of these puzzles is exactly the same process as converging an astrological chart, but with different rules and symbols. Therefore you can divine with it. You have to record the time when you solved it, or you won’t know what the archetypal meanings of the digits are talking about. I didn’t deliberately do this on Taiwan’s National Day, in fact, I had forgotten all about that event. But clearly this reading is not for me personally, the number balance is completely different from puzzles that refer to me, of which I have converged dozens.

What we’re looking at here is an entirely auspicious indication for Taiwan’s fortunes going forward. To get a fast overview, you read these three numbers: 1 at the top left, 41 in the center, and 81 at the bottom right (circled). Here the message is: By persistence (7), a power in the land (5) attains social standing and authority, or propriety (8).

To get to the next level of developed meaning, you read all nine numbers in the diagonal that I have marked, thus: Power (5) and Beauty (6) entrained the mass mind (2), and Beauty (6) persisted (7) to righteousness (8) [to entrain the entire realm (Tianxia)], and the final result is that Beauty (6) is joined (2) to righteousness and social authority (8). 6 here clearly refers to Taiwan, and 8 clearly refers to the United States of America and its allies, aka The. Free. World.

Beyond that, you can break this matrix out into the Nine Palaces of Flying Star Fengshui, and so interpret away to your heart’s content, but that is another fractal process that I refuse to initiate for eight more months, because I’m just not ready for it yet. But for those who just can’t wait, I DO feel your pain! So here’s something that I hope will keep you out of trouble until then:

The upper right corner is NE, and the pattern is one of the two Former Heaven layouts. And hey, it MIGHT help to put the whole thing on polar coordinates (aka “the shell of a tortoise,” centered on 41, and to accurate equal arcs in each concentric ring, please). Have a ball, and please feel free to do absolutely everying that I would never do. Perhaps then you’ll be ready to listen to me in only eight tiny little months. One can hope.

Maitreya Meher Namo Namo,
Vishveshwar Bdhstv

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Newsletter 3.9

The Maitrayayana Newsletter, Vol. 3 No. 9 – September 2019

Practice Update

For the last few weeks, I’ve been having trouble maintaining my baseline for morning pushups, which is still at 162 reps. I had deliberately stopped trying to progress because I thought that 162 was sufficient, but it’s now clear that it isn’t. 162 is a compromise, being 2 X 81. What would be sufficient and awesome would be 3 X 81 = 243 = 3 to the power of 5. That’s a number that is characteristc of a Mahasiddha. What I’m doing now is characteristic of a Siddha. Since the empowerment that I got from Bhau was Mashasiddhic, it’s now clear that I MUST stabilize it at the level at which it was given: a baseline of 243 reps for physical exercises, no more and no less. That would give me the physical appearance of a classical South Indian Shaivite Mahasiddha, which was my original goal. At present, my remaining gut mass is not noticeable at all, but neither is my belly completely flat, and the entire situation is stabilized where it is – not sufficient!

Still, I found that further effort (as per the 4th Paramita (Virya) mechanically applied, didn’t help. It only induced severe trembling at 140 or 150 reps, and the harder I tried the worse it got. This was really troubling until I found the solution to it in what I started as a piece of recreational reading – Open, the autobiography of Andre Agassi.

Agassi, of course, is a huge and fascinating subject, but I don’t want to get into all of that ballyhoo here. Although it can be said that Agassi has the Dharma Mind with respect to sports, let it be sufficient to write that Agassi’s whole wierd set of personal characteristics, and his twisted path through life, were the result of a childhood that had been obliterated by the dictatorial demands of a thoroughly overbearing father, and the result is that much of the history of his struggles with tennis, which he reports in consummate detail, were in fact, confrontations with exactly the kind of paradox that I report above about my practice.

What was happening to me in my pushup sets was what tennis players call “cramps,” and it’s overwhelmingly clear, from Andre’s detailed and repetitive chronicle of such incidents, that although the symptomatolgy may be physical, the causality of this is, in fact, not the least bit physical. It can’t be physical because it has no survival value – all the body really wants in a lethal war like professional tennis is to survive. I’m sorry, trembling and spasms don’t help you survive, therefore, this has to be an artifact of the mind, i.e., the causality is psychological.

So having read all of this drama about my own problems amplified to life-threatening and sanity-threatening proportions, I then pulled an Agassi, namely and to wit, I disappeared into one of my lairs, all by myself, (albeit well-fortified with all my favorite nutriments and supplements, please), and thought about it until I had a plan, and here’s what I came up with:

The next time this tries to happen, I will SLOW DOWN the rate of pushups, and if that doesn’t work, I will stop and hold position, arms extended, flat back, until it stops, and only then I will resume. (This stationary position is called planking aka isometrics for the ventral core, which I also do separately, every day, to 162 reps.)

That plan worked remarkably well. This morning I had three normal sets of 162 pushups. There were the primitive beginnings of the onset of cramping at the end of the third set, but even the mere threat of planking damped that instanter. Next problem please. I am sure that 162 is actually below my real present physical baseline, and that with further practice, I will develop a second wind that will take me to 243. As usual, I will keep you updated, my incredibly faithful and highly valued readers.

Ad astra per asperam!
Maitreya Meher Namo Namo!
Adi Shakti ki Jai!

Vishveshwar Bodhisattva, 10 Sep 17

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Looking beyond the Current Year of the Rooster

((editing on 13 Oct – I just re-installed my old Vedic Astrology software, Jagganath Hora, and even without configuring anything at all, the first thing that hit me in the ajna chakra is that Jupiter is already in 0 (zero) deg. sidereal Libra (aka The. Year, of. the. Dog.), meaning that for astrological purposes, the Year of the Rooster is already dead as I write. The Chinese year animals are only approximately accurate, and it isn’t unusual for Jupiter to be three whole months ahead or behind of the sign where the Chinese say it is, due to the periodic retrogradatons of Jupiter.

Checking my handy-dandy sidereal Ephemeris (don’t leave home without it), I discover that Jupiter will go retrograde again early in March of 2018, and will then go direct early in July 2018, and will remain in sidereal Libra until 12 Oct that year, when the Year of the Boar will commence almost three months early.

The entry of Jupiter into Boar (Scorpio) two days after Taiwan’s National Day on 10/10/18, is another sign of my karmic connection with Taiwan. I am a Boar year birth. This timing of the onset of Boar year in early Oct 2018 also implies an even deeper involvement of Taiwan with Japan, because Japan is ruled by Scorpio. -vshr))

Lillian Too, who is an example of a highly-evolved Rooster-year birth, warned early in this year of danger of war in the last quarter, due to “mental instability by world leaders.” She blamed it on the jealousy that is caused by “too much Water.” The late great Murshida Ivy Oenita Duce made the same observation about the jealously of the Water element, in discussing births with Sun in Water Signs (Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio).

N. B. – Rooster, which means Jupiter in Virgo, is not a Water sign. It is just as Metal as Metal can be Metal, but you see, Metal engenders Water, and this plays to the Water in the mundane Eight Characters of the year.

Yes, Virginas of record, that same Water element which is so often cited as the examplar of the mutability, humility, and diplomacy of the ethically advanced human being, does have this dark side which is just simply from hell, as is currently being proven, in spades, by the now universal disorder in the human mass mind that has been created by it.

When the Dog Sign Rises, The. Axe. Will. Fall.

I don’t believe there will be actual war this year, because those idiot Roosters are fundamentally incapable of real decisive action on the ground. But the coming Dog year will be a whole other animal completely. Pres. Donald Trump is a dog-year birth, and China is also fundamentally ruled by Dog, and I guarantee you that the packs will turn on the predatory liars in their midst, who are currently having their hey-day, at every level of human organization, and heads will most definitely roll, and they will most definitely roll in public and for good.

In the meantime, it’s important not to get sucked into the negative reactivity of this idiotic jealous emotional ambiance that has been created, and allowed to happen by the Spiritual Hierarchy, for the purpose of clearing the ground for decisive action next year.

When universal jealousy gets this stupid and offensive, it’s not good enough simply to ignore it. The vicious and jealous back-stabbers and back-biters must be confronted in their lies. Their lies must be exposed and published, and most of all, their innocent victims must be protected.

Maitreya Meher Namo Namo,
Vishveshwar Bdhstv

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Music Redirect

After a number of months focusing on Hawaiian music, I feel called to segue to the music of the Meher Baba Community, so I hereby enact these practice changes:

1. I will begin my daily evening ‘ukulele practice sessions with Meher Baba’s Gujerati Aarti, in the key of B, and His favorite western song, “Begin the Beguine,” in the key of A. Both of these are demanding, and the key of B on an ‘ukulele is a real piece of work, but this Aarti, which was written by Meher Baba Himself, is already the most powerful devotional music I have ever encountered, and then the ‘ukulele amplifies its force tremendously. It’s as if part of the instrument, and part of my voice, never woke up until I took the ‘ukulele to this, which I also sing acapello at 0700 every day. (It was worth it to get over being terrorized by the key of B, but I’m still far from fluent with it.) In another good news item, I’m already almost up to critical mass on “Begin the Beguine” on the ‘ukulele in A.

2. On Sunday, Thursday, and Saturday, I will continue the rest of the session with additional numbers from the Meher Baba Singalong Book, which includes a number of Christian, traditional, and popular songs in English, as well as such heavy Meher Baba lifters as “I Am the Ocean,” “Victory unto Thee,” the Western Aarti, the Australian Aarti, “The Ocean is Wide,” “He has Come to Live within our Hearts,” “Gaatay Chelo,” “Baba Hu,” and on and on and on, thank you very much, Beloved Avatar of God.

3. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, I will continue the rest of the session (after Aarti and “Begin the Beguine”) with the Hawaiian repertoire (much of it from the legendary He Mele Aloha songbook) which inclues an overlapping but different set of Christian, traditional and popular songs in English language. Friday is also the day that I go down island to sing with local Hawaiian music fanatics who literally start singing and playing before dawn. E kanikapila kakou!

Maitreya Meher Namo Namo,
Bhauji’s Vishveshwar

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Newsletter 3.8 – August 2017

The Maitreyayana Newsletter, Vol. 3, No. 8

Of the Hidden Realm, Pueo, and Boarding the Train to Hogwart’s

Three nights ago I had a dream about being inducted into a school in the spirit world, where I was given set of written instructions about how to sing better. I think they may have been written in Zend-Avesta, and I don’t think my waking personality is supposed to understand or remember them. The dominant color of the dream was blazing white, and the ambiance was that of Dasitirean Zoroastrianism (the religion of Meher Baba’s birth family). Remembering this dream got me thinking about how inner-world instruction boils out into the ordinary world, and the best discussion of that that I have encountered is actually the Harry Potter epic.

So in tune with Mani’s instruction that “You can’t write Truth anymore, you can write little stories that people can take what they need from, without feeling convicted by you,” there are a couple of things that I’d like to state about some places where this subject currently coincides with my life.

One of the things that the Hawaiian spirit way has in common with both Native American Shamanism, which I have practiced, and for which I carry the blood, as well as the mythological mainstream of the West in general (as demonstrated in both Mr. Potter’s excellent adventures and the Arthurian Cycle) is the Owl appearing as a prominent power animal, and the Familiar of lineage holders in particular.

About 15 years ago, when living on the Garden Island of Kauai, I was tooling around in my pickup at night on a rural road without street lights, and a huge Pueo (Hawaiian for owl), having a wingspan of nearly four feet, flew right down over the hood in front of the windshield, and established eye contact with me, and then flew off unharmed. This kind of thing does not happen by mistake or by default. The spirit animal is telling you “I am your Spirit Protector.” The Hawaiian shamans call this your Aumakua. Native Americans say, “You are carrying Owl Medicine.”

Two years ago on this island (O’ahu), I encountered a young female road-killed Pueo, and I could feel that her spirit had been terrorized by the experience, and was frozen in the middle of the road with her dead body. So I picked up the body and carried to a a wild spot near by, and buried it. The grave was shallow because I had no digging tools with me, and my fears that the grave might be disturbed by predators were relieved by the torrential downpour that started ten minutes later, because I knew then that the body would immediately start to rot, and her scent would be obliterated. I had taken seven wing-feathers from her, because I wanted her to follow me, instead of hanging out there in misery. I also immediately started to pray that she move on to her next birth, which she has long since done. Six of those feathers adorn the power object in my home that says, “This is the seat of a lineage holder.” The other one I usually carry with me.

Almost no one understands either Owl Medicine or the people who carry it, and that includes most real Shamans. I think most people, particularly women, are afraid of Owl. It’s a solitary bird that flies at night, sees in the dark, can turn its head all the way around until it’s looking straight back, and has a wierd and shocking appearance altogether. Ditto its behavior. What other bird would fly down on top of your hood like that, and then compound the insult by first staring at you, and then getting away unharmed? Beings who do that kind of stuff should be punished for it, damn them! Oh, and hey, their EYES are truly spooky as well, aren’t they?

The key to understanding Owl is the very fear it inspires. Owl is by far the most powerful Medicine, to the point that very few can carry it, and therefore it is also the most protected. Fear is a protection which keeps idiots away from what could easily hurt them, and this applies to not only Owl, but to the entire spirit world.

In general, mass fear is the gate-keeper of the hidden realms. Even if, to overcome the endless turpitude of all those damnable Muggles which afflicted you, innumerable Owls have already delivered THOUSANDS of forbidden Invitations to Attend Hogwart’s Academy, to the point that one somehow finally arrived in your hand, you STILL have to suck in your gut and run straight at what is “obviously” a solid brick wall, but which then on contact proves to be interpermeable. ONLY THEN can you arrive at the Train to Hogwart’s Academy, which is the only possible route of approach for a beginner. [mode=rant](Although Ron Weasley’s enchanted flying car may seem at first blush to be a viable alternative, I think it is just a perpetual world of hurt looking for new victims. That noisy, sloppy, and vagabond astral junker is a mixed blessing at best.)[/mode] Perhaps the only way we can prevail over such existential fear is to be pushed through the trauma, even while screaming and gibbering like idiots, by more experienced companions coming behind, and for my part, I don’t believe that it can really happen any other way.

Maitreya Meher Namo Namo,

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