This is the place for exceptions to the system which I am in the act of imposing on my lineage material. I do so impose for the benefit of those who must come behind, and to provide an intelligible door to a domain which is essentially full of paradox.

Undoubtedly, there is that about Meher Baba Maitreya Buddha’s Manifestaion which abhors, eschews, and violates any system invented by a human mind, and so be it. Please have patience with both the Buddha and me in this regard.

Vishveshwar, 14 Jan 15

The Song of the Sanyasin, by Swami Vivekananda

重访仁吉 – Renji Revisited

2012 Haleiwa 浄土院盆踊之照片 – 2012 Haleiwa Jodo Mission Bon Dance Photos

概观台湾佛教历史 – An Overview of the History of Taiwan Buddhism

由于白隠の夜船閑話 – From the Yasenkanna of Hakuin”

「纳木错湖畔有个 “阴间通道”」Namtso Lake shore has a “Pathway through the Spirit World”

H. S. Olcott, American Buddhist Patriarch

黄女士赶走个喇嘛 Laywoman Huang puts paid to a Lama”

Light is Silent

Meher Baba’s Manifestation is to the Christian Apocalypse what the Integral Calculus is to Math

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