Newsletter 3.11

The Maitreyayana Newsletter Vol. 3, No. 11, November 2017

Vishveshwar’s 2017 Christmas Caroling Programme

WHEREAS I am 70 years old and of sound mind and body, and

WHEREAS I feel delinquent in my devotion to the Christ Child,

THEREFORE I do hereby enact this 2017 Christmas Caroling Programme:

1. All daily music practice sessions between now and Christmas (besides the obligatory Gujarati Aarti of Meher Baba and Begin the Beguine) will be exclusively devoted to this list of nine traditional Christmas Carols:

1. The cherry Tree Carol (in D)
2. O Come, O Come Emmanuel (in E minor)
3. We Three Kings of Orient Are (in G)
4. The First Noel (in D)
5. O Holy Night (in C)
6. What Child is This? (in E minor)
7. Angels We Have Heard on High (in F)
8. Hark the Herald Angels Sing (in G)
9. Silent Night (in B flat)

I will try to stay in the above keys, but it’s my programme, and if that proves too difficult, I may tweak some of the keys. I will post a finalized schedule and key disposition later in December.

2. Christmas occurs on Monday this year. I will perform these Carols along the beach walks of Honolulu, according to this preliminary schedule:

1. Sunday 17 December: Ala Moana Park. I will walk the entire beach front, from one marina to the other, starting at the Ewa end, and going Diamond Head to Magic Island, while continuously singing the glories of the Christ Child.

2. Sunday, Christmas Eve: Kapiolani Park. This will be more laid back, because after all, we do find ourselves in the presence of our Queen. But I will cover the entire beach front, as well as various major trees, and probably the Bandstand as well.

3. Christmas Day: East Waikiki. I will not walk on this occasion. I will plant myself in one place with my entire musical kuleana (paraphenalia), to be prepared to take requests from the onlookers as well as other musicians who may well be present. By that time I plan to have a proper caroling book so that I can expand beyond my nine shticks above. right now I’m working off of a little red folder of stuff that I got from the library.

3. Anyone who wants to join me in this, please feel free, but note well:

I do not sing for money, sex, turf, or face.
I sing for God.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God for whom we perform, was born over 2,000 years ago in a desert outpost called Bethlehem, in what we now call Israel, to a poor carpenter named Joseph and an unknown maiden named Mary. Both of his parents were members of a mysterious cult of extremist desert mystics, the Essenes, and both of them were like me in that they eschewed money, sex, turf, and face, for the sake of their advanced and intimate relationship with their beloved God.

I understand that there are very, very few today who can hew to the severe ethical standards that Joseph, Mary, and yours truly have adopted, but if you can’t at least respect the living demonstration of ethical standards to which you may be incapable of rising personally, I don’t want to see you on this project.

4. All wandering minstrels with me shall wear their hats and carry both water bottles and umbrellas at all times. Even though the skies may be clear when we start, God loves wandering minstrels, and it is very possible that we will provoke His blessing in the form of rain, just by being who we are.

I will be very happy to provide music for those who contact me in advance about it, and otherwise, I think it will be very easy to sing along and/or kanikapia because this is very familiar material. So feel free to show up and participate at any rate. In additiom, if it comes to that, I certainly don’t mind singing solo. Fierce practice in the face of opposition, whether open or hidden, ALWAYS wins the Blissful Lord’s Grace.

In His love,
Vishveshwar Bdhstv

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