A Recommendation for the Peaceful Transition to a Democratic Administration in China after the Fall of its current Dictator

Some member nation of the UN should request the formation of an international Election Commission to supervise free and open elections on the mainland of China, for the first time in that area’s 4,000+ years’ history, to be carried into effect immediately after the fall of the current government in China, which I believe to be inevitable in the forseeable future.

In the absence of such a provision for outside intervention in the coming succession crisis in China, we can forsee descent to a major bloodbath of warring tribes, because the megalomaniac dictator Xi Jinping has effectively nullified the force of Mao Zedong’s Democratic Constitution, after some seven decades of the systematic weakening of that Constitution by his predecessors. Therefore, by the same kind of retrograde historical inertia which created Xi Jinping himself, in the image of the entire historical line of autocratic Emperors of traditional China, we can also project the resulting reenactment of the same kind of civil wars which followed their fall.

Besides the primitive brutality of those ethnic wars that followed the fall of each of China’s traditional Emperors, each of those wars itself had no other outcome, in any case, but to produce a similarly autocratic personality at the top of the next central government, because that was the only kind of person who could beat himself out on top of the violently warring heap that the previous dictator left behind.

China has run out of time, and this planet has run out of time, for further repetitions of this ancient Chinese dysfunctionality about government, and if the Chinese people could solve this by their own internal dynamics in real time, that would long since have happened. Without outside help, we can forsee that the Chinese mainland will descend into yet another major bloodbath in the forseeable future. The planetary leadership can forestall this ominously looming humanitarian disaster in China by providing a viable alternative to it. What else would be the real function of a planetary leadership at this point, please?

Therefore, UN member nations, please act responsibly in this matter forthwith.

Maitreya Meher Namo Namo,
Vishveshwar Bodhisattva, Maitreyayana 2nd Patriarch, 2 Sep 18, O’ahu Island, Hawaii

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