Newsletter 4.10 – October 2018

The Maitreyayana Newsletter, Vol. 4, No. 10 – October 2018

2018 Christmas Carols

So far I have configured these Chinese language Christmas Carols, and have started to practice from them since 1 Oct:

以马內利來临歌 (O Come, O Come Emmanuel, in Em)
三博士歌 (We Three Kings of Orient Are, in Em, chorus in G)
圣诞佳音歌 (The First Noel, in C)
听啊天使高声唱 (Hark the Herald Angels Sing, in F)
喔! 聖善夜 (O Holy Night, in A)
是何婴孩歌 (What Child is This?, in Em)
天使歌唱在高天 (Angels we have heard on High, in F)
平安夜歌 (Silent Night, in B flat)

These are seven of the nine items in my last year’s English-language Christmas Carol repertoire. I plan to add some eight more over this coming week, for a total of probably 15.

I am totally into the value of Christianity for China at the moment. I believe that China is likely to be comparatively quiet until the onset of my birth year, the Year of the Water Boar*, 2019. At that time, we shall see what we shall see. In the meantime, we shall celebrate the Christ Child, please. What must be said on the subject of China has already been said, by the Honorable Mike Pence, and in any event, I will not further publish my own views about China until after the official beginning of my birth year. I will then be 72, by Chinese reckoning.

((*Originally I misidentified this as the Fire Boar year. Wrong! My birth year, 1947, is Fire Boar. 2019 is Water Boar. Water quenches Fire but that is not a negative dynamic in 2019, because Boar is itself a Water animal by nature. So when the yearly element is also Water, Boar is right at home, and for Fire Boars like myself, who were elementally conflicted (fire/water) since birth, it just modulates an elemental issue that we’ve been dealing with our whole lives, and in fact it makes it a lot easier to negotiate. All of that Water will not quench our Fire, because if we hadn’t learned to effect the functional separation of those two elements within ourselves, we would not have survived to the age of 72 at all. So, in the case of my whole Fire Boar cohort, our Fire will just increase Water’s inherent capacity for concentration of attention, and intuitive cognition.

We’re just a whole bunch of trusty old classic teapots, don’t you know? We can demonstrate both the beauty and the utility of a lifetime of emotional refinement gained through dealing with every possible kind of conflict. And we’re most definitely whistling teapots at this point, too. We never shut up, and we never go away, you betchum, Kimo Sabe! So when you hear/see my whistle, don’t be a stupid youngster (or nasty and dysfunctional old elder) by ignoring it, OK? There will never be any payoff for you in dissing me. Never! -vshr))

Maitreya Meher Namo Namo,
Vishveshwar Bodhisattva

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