Newsletter 4.9 -September 2018

The Maitreyayana Newsletter, Vol. 4, No. 9 – September 2018

There was such an uproar in Taibei yesterday (3 Sep, Taiwan’s Veteran’s Day) that I made a strategic decision to stop reading Chinese news sources, because Chinese street noise is getting really, really old. Instead I will now read for backstory that illuminates current events.

Yesterday’s noisy demonstrations in Taibei go back to a gentleman called Sun Yatsen, who studied in Honolulu and Japan, was Chiang Kaishek’s mentor, and wrote Taiwan’s Democratic Constitution, but he didn’t write it for Taiwan, he wrote it for the Zhong Hua Min Guo (中华民国 – of which I think the best translation is “Democratic China”). So why can’t this country honor it’s own founders, and its traditions and stuff, by using its proper name, is what these veterans want to know, because they never took an oath to serve and protect Taiwan with their lives. Their oath was to Democratic China.

Pres. Cai Yingwen has no sympathy for their position, and I don’t think she realizes that Taibei could be a real zoo for the forseeable future if she and her newfangled Party don’t back off. I know that because I’m also a military service vet, I feel just like they do, and I’m not even Chinese. Yeesh! Does anyone ever grow up?

So I have started my new search for the meaning of Taiwan in its history, with the principal protagonist, Sun Yatsen, and I would like to share a couple of interesting graphics with you from that endeavor:

What a beautiful family! Sun Yatsen is the second from the left in the front. His distinguished mother, who is undoubtedly the reigning Matriarch of this family, is dead center in the frame, and she is using her cane to help ground her gifted child. It’s clear that Sun Yatsen was a Guru from birth; you can tell from the eyes.

The Guru in his maturity. May every word of the Guru come to fruition, and may God save us all from rejecting whatever Guru he has chosen to send us.

Mature citizens of Democratic China, aka Taiwan, call this man “The Father of our Country,” and that’s true. He is to Democratic China what George Washington is to America. The Green Party, if it tries to be an exception to this, will only irreversibly divide their country, which will then be over-run by barbarians and lost in the dregs of history.

Maitreya Meher Namo Namo,
Vishveshwar Bdhstv

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