It’s the Tiny Little Insults that Hurt. The. Worst.

Xi-Bo wouldn’t even notice a major Chinese stock market crash go by. It’s only money, and what’s money when you’re the duly appointed Emperor of this planet? But denying mail services? What a terrifying kick in the gut!

We call it “Death by a Thousand Cuts,” Xi-Bo, and it always begins exactly like this. And you know from doing exactly this very same thing to thousands of your own very, very unfortunate people, that once it gets this bad, it never gets better for the victim. Never. There must be no loose ends left lying around. You know that very well.
中国商品邮寄美国不再便宜 特朗普总统取消中国邮递折扣




What this says is that today Pres. Trump cancelled China’s preferential mail rates with the USPS. He cited security concerns, and I agree with him. This makes mail to and from China difficult and expensive, and gives every one of the innumerable undercover Chinese operatives in America a perfect excuse to not even report to Beijing:

“I tried but the report seems to have gotten lost in the mail. And my cell phone has been acting bugged, so I was afraid to use it. And we know that the Web is absolutely not secure.”

According to other documents published by Radio Free Asia Chinese Edition, China has a huge undercover intelligence network operating in America, and it uses primarily Big Data collection techniques. The massive data collection demands of these techniques would make the whole system absolutely vulnerable to the effective loss of a cheap, dependable, and low-profile method of data transfer like the good old US mail.

I believe that most of the Chinese victims, as well as the operatives themselves, of Xi Jinping’s intelligence apparatus in America are students. The victims, at least, are likely to correctly deduce from this action that Donald Trump is on their side. And I believe that once you turn the victims, the entire system will not be far behind.

Maitreya Meher Namo Namo,
Vishveshwar Bdhstv

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对吧? 图像上的对句是我维杉菩萨所作的,还是咱们自由世界一切民众所普遍认同的,因为就是咱们从古时一直到今的绝对铁定的、永远打不破的常规!


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君必有临   The Noble Must Have Companions

Bless me Sangha, for I have tweaked. I added all those green maple leaves to this graphic simply because they were already inside my trusty open source image editor. Sorry ’bout that! They’re green, OK? It’s to honor Pres. Tsai’s Green Party, and also because Taiwan itself is just SUCH a green island!

Maitreya Meher Namo Namo,




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Welcome to Austronesia

You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile. But we WILL let you believe otherwise, until you grow up!

((LATE BREAKING – Pres. Tsai is now scheduled to leave next Sunday, 12 Aug 18, for Los Angleles, en route to South America, and on her return trip, I think she just is not going to be able to keep from tearing up one tiyewtally hip little burg known as Houston. Go get ’em, Tiger! And Bon Voyage Nuiloa! 2018年8月10日, 华盛顿 — 台湾总统蔡英文星期天启程前往中南美巴拉圭及伯利兹进行九天八夜的访问))

In reading a Chinese-language account of Taiwan President Tsai Yingwen’s recent talk to a “South Island Ethnicity” (南岛民族) discussion forum, I was amazed to discover that the proper English translation to this is “Austronesian,” something that I was unaware of, and I immediately suspected that the Western scientific community has gone beyond “Polynesian,” which was their creation to start with. Check it out:


The political and geographical center of gravity in this language group, of which Hawaiian is a member, isn’t Hawaii. It’s Indonesia, the largest Muslim country on earth by population. And the dominant language in this group is not the Hawaiian language. The dominant language here is actually Maylay, spoken primarily in Indonesia and Malaysia. So much for Polynesian ethno-centrism.

The Taiwan indigenous tribes are included in this group, and President Tsai Yingwen’s mother had indigenous blood. Her father was also Hakka Chinese, so she is a product of two of the most victimized ethnic minorities on earth! The way this works in the Pacific theatre is that, if the indigenous person’s tribe’s language is related to another indigenous islander’s language, those two people have blood in common, and that means that President Tsai of Taiwan is related to ethnic Hawaiians by blood, and more than that, she was raised by an indigenous mother whose lifestyle was completely consistent with Polynesian norms, and it shows. According to the above Chinese article, written by someone who observed her interactions in an indigenous community (one of many that she visits, apparently) in her native cultural context, President Tsai is a world-class schmoozer and raconteur who loves to talk about her people and their history and origins, and the native Hawaiian community would quickly and naturally become part of that discussion, if she were here.

To make a long story short, President Tsai is currently the most successful Ali’i in this genome, and we should get her here to give some bright new Ali’i ideas to the locals, from a different POV, don’t you know? Since she’s so effective and stuff… I’m sure that she could do that, and it would be automatic natural cultural behavior for her. It would probably wind up being a lot of fun for the whole Hawaiian community as well.

God has given me the gift of recognizing political talent. That’s why I was able to predict Donald Trump’s election on the day he declared his candidacy, and so I don’t mind informing you that President Tsai is a huge political talent in the making. She loves to travel, and she is destined to be back and forth across the Pacific frequently. If we can get her here once, she’ll be back, and could become a regular, which I wouldn’t mind at all, albeit that she most definitely moves in different circles than mine.

So this imperishable old robeless monk will leave the details of this up to those who know how to get such things done. Political involvement is a serious Precept violation for me. I just have a few opinions and recommendations here and there, and no one is obliged to listen to me.

Maitreya Meher Namo Namo,
Vishveshwar Bdhstv

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Newsletter 4.8 – August 2018

The Maitreyayana Newsletter, Vol 4., No. 8 – August 2018

Of Chinese-Language Christian Hymns

This is my current Chinese-language Christian repertoire, graded by my preference:

1. Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty (圣哉三一歌)
2. Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee (快樂歌) (J. S. Bach)
3. What a Friend We Have in Jesus (恩友歌)
4. Jesus Loves Me (耶稣爱我)
5. Majesty (敬拜主)
6. Rock of Ages (万古磐石歌)
7. Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Us (赐副救主歌)
8. Mine Eyes have Seen the Glory (上帝进行歌)

Still in the pipeline is:

9. A Mighty Fortress is Our God (坚固保障歌) (Martin Luther). I’m hoping to have this downloaded in simplified characters, and transcribed to something that I can sing from, by this evening.

All of these lyrics, with the exception of “Majesty,” have been sourced from a 1957 Methodist Chinese-language hymnal attributed to THE COUNCIL OF CHRISTIAN LITERATURE FOR OVERSEAS CHINESE, published in Hong Kong. I’ve gone online to convert the traditional characters in it to the current simplified standard, and in doing that, I have encountered other lyrics, but have discovered in all cases that I prefer the lyrics in this publication to later versions.

Getting these nine numbers up to speed will keep me busy until October 1, because I only practice Christian hymns for one hour per day on four weekdays. After that I will go to Christmas carols and to an expanded repertoire, because this Hymnal contains dozens of Chinese-language Christmas carols with which I am already familiar, and some of the most important of which I already practiced in English last Christmas season.

Basically I’m singing Christian material in Chinese anymore because I think that what China really needs right now is actually Christianity, and what America really needs right now is Buddhism. I, of course, am an American Buddhist lineage holder who follows Meher Baba (“Maitreya Meher”), whose intention is to put ALL the major religions together “like beads on one string.” The first step in that is to make all beads equally important, please!

Maitreya Meher Namo Namo,
Vishveshwar Bdhstv

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恭喜台湾总统蔡英文就册立为 [北京最厉害的对手]

来源:VOA – 蔡英文是北京“最厉害的对手”?(2018年7月16日)



那我唯一的意见就是:请把问号失掉了吧! 以主动定义了! 马上咯! 驾到了目前那么危险的关键,有所为者并非定义不可了。 我也很不会跟一位北京专家争执。 那北京有系,台北有蔡,每方有其名号,那双方互相有平等地位吧。 那尽可能有定义的为校,两岸平等地位终于曾经设立了把。




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Newsletter4.7 – July 2018

The Maitreyayana Newsletter, Vol. 4., No. 7 – July 2018

I am continuing my Chinese language studies, primarily by listening to and reading VOA’s Chinese edition, and occasionally I also hit rfa. This is basically a full-time job for me right now. I’ve decided not to comment on that content, because the Chinese government is fundamentally a Chinese problem. ((No, wait! Mission redirect! When I eventually do comment, I will do it in Chinese first. –vshr))

President Donald Trump is effectively putting an end to Xi Jinping’s career, which is what I hired him to do in the first place. Mah Best Bu-hoy just cain’t help being his cute li’l ole awesome self! That whole process, which is completely obvious on the Chinese side, is still invisible to the English language press, which is still buying the Chinese government’s robo-pimped-from-space anti-American propaganda lock, stock, and barrel, and so be that as well. Fixing the utterly broken English-language media is also not fundamentally my kuleana either. It would be different if they had enough credibility to get something done in the real world, but they’ve lost it completely. Having been bought by experts, they are now utterly useless.

((HINT: Tariffs don’t kill trade, they redirect it. In the hands of someone like The. Donald., who has spent his entire life learning how to make money actually obtain real prosperity for existing people, they can clear the ground for some actual real-world dependable and progressive productivity in China, literally for the first time in the 4,000+ year history of that society. But first the stinking garbage has to be cleared off the site, please! Only then will the long-suffering Chinese people (又可怜又可爱上的中国老百姓) finally be able to share in the prosperity which is now the common and expected norm for civilized nations on this planet.

BTW, IMO Donald Trump is not going to compromise with China about these tariffs. He will leave them in place, and most probably escalate them as well, unless and until there is a regime change in China, and he himself will be re-elected in 2020 in any event. He is doing to Communist China with massive tariffs what Ronald Reagan did to the Soviet Union with massive defense spending, and in doing that, his aim is just as true as was The. Great. Communicator’s. He has read his quarry right, and he WILL slay this foe of the entire free world, and (God willing and the crik don’t run dry) he WILL do it without firing one single (crude, hurtful, and SO, SO primitive) gun-round on the ground.

The. Donald. is right about the cumulative effect of his tariffs. They will improve both the American economy and the Chinese economy. America will still be first, but “a rising tide raises all boats.” That Xi Jinping, that vicious and shameless predator, must necessarily be a casualty of this is not Trump’s problem. And while we’re in this area, Xi Jinping is not my problem, he’s not your problem, he’s not our government’s problem, and he is not the Chinese people’s problem. Only God can solve Xi Jinping. Xi has made sure of that, and Xi WILL get his, directly from the Final Authority, and Xi’s days are now most certainly numbered.–vshr))

That’s the news from sunny Hawaii, where the beautiful women dance, the strong men sing, and ye olde humuhumunukunukupua’a fish just can’t help keeping on to just keep on swimming bye. Oh, and hey, good buddy, you may also kyieome hohn bigh as well, and YOU WILL keep on truckin, because Ahm a-cyoun’tin’ on you!

Next problem please.

Maitreya Meher Namo Namo,

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