Where Taiwan’s Real Strength Lies

Ref: rfa, SF Wuzhouhongmen 170th Anniversary

This Chinese language article about the oldest and largest of San Francisco’s Chinese Tongs celebrating its 170th anniversary, then goes on to a very interesting description of its distinguished revolutionary history. In general, it’s almost impossible to encounter real information about these mysterious quasi-esoteric groups in English.

In the picture above you can see the prominent display of both US and Taiwan flags, but no Chinese mainland flags. How can this be a revolutionary group, then? Well, it so happens that Chiang Kaishek’s mentor, Dr. Sun Yatsen, did overthrow the Qing dynasty, with Triad martial artists that he recruited from this SF Tong, among others. Sun Yatsen had studied in Honolulu, and he also took another group of Triad warriors from the Honolulu Tongs on his little expedition to change Chinese history, aka to blatantly and successfully foment Revolution.

Sun Yatsen’s original tiny little Tong Hall still exists in Waipahu on this island (O’ahu), and it’s one of my favorite historical artifacts. What I like about it is that it’s 100% Taoist, there isn’t one single Confucianist shred or nuance about it. It’s not an active temple, but is available for viewing as an historical artifact. But since it’s been left alone in natural surroundings, some of the Daoist spirits that were once worshiped there still maintain their protective presence.

The story lead in the Chinese article contains this language: “from overthrowing the Qing and reinstating the Ming to overthrowing Communism and reinstating the Chung Hua Min Guo  ((Taiwan’s official name, ‘Democratic China’ –vshr)) …”

So this is where the real strength of Taiwan lies. There are innumerable overseas Chinese groups, not only on the Pacific Rim anymore, but spread throughout the planet, that are either openly or clandestinely working on this same goal of overthrowing Communism to bring back Sun Yatsen and Chiang Kaishek’s vision of modern democratic government for China, and these groups will now increasingly go on record.

Maitreya Meher Namo Namo,

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