Maitreya Yoga (Index)

Maitreya Yoga is a direct revelation from God to me.

How does a prophet know that the Revelation that he or she has recieved is in fact from God? There are these criteria that I know of and operate within:

I. The overwhelming force of the communication. You know that you’re in the Presence of God because the very force of it alters you, and the energy of it is sacred and from outside of the normal sequence of your cognition. These are words and percepts that simply blast their way through your ordinary thought patterns. The first tendency is to simply block the fact that it even happened, as when Bhauji said to me on the island of Kauai in the ’90’s “I call you Vishveshwar, the Ruler of the World.” That was my first experience of Revelation, and I blocked the whole event for decades.

II. It’s apart from your personal truth, that is, it’s not an evolution from anything you already knew, and it’s not an outcome of information that you had. Far from being confirmation of your personal expectations, it invalidates them.

III. Testing what has been revealed, you find real outcomes in your life that confirm the validity of what was revealed, showing that this came from a source of real authority beyond yourself.

Maitreya Yoga meets all of these criteria. Of course, each one must judge for himself or herself. The prophet’s responsibility is never to anyone but God, and God loves his prophets, who stick their necks into the noose of public opinion for His Truth. And please, dear God, this is not a complaint. I never deserved to recieve your Truth and you gave it to me anyway, and I do love You so much! And besides, without your Truth, there would be no hope for me at all, and I know that You did not send me alone to assert these Truths from You, and I thank you very much, I am so indebted to You, Most High God Meher Baba Maitreya Buddha.

Vishveshwar Bodhisattva, Maitreyayana 2nd Patriarch

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Commonalities between the Kagyu Sect and Maitreyayana Budhism

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