The Great Compassion Mantra in Devanagari Sanskrit (graphic file)

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Years ago, when I searched the entire Chinese web for this, literally losing an operating system in the process because the Chinese government didn’t want me snooping around, I failed to find it. Therefore, when I found the proper Devanagari at in real time, I made the above graphic out of it, adding the roman alphabet approximation, so others, whose operating systems may not be able to interpret Devanagari, can also print this and chant from it. This file shows the sounds of Devanagari, which are much more detailed than the readings of the roman alphabet: Ye Olde Devanagari Script ((dead link fixed 8 May 14 – vshr)). You should use the Devanagari to correct the inaccuracies in the Roman alphabet, which obscures many phonemic differences in the Sanscrit roots.

This is what the Chinese Great Compassion Mantra (大悲咒) is a complete misreading of, and I could just FEEL how far off it was when I was practicing Chinese Buddhism. It was not long after that that Meher Baba appeared in my dream and told me in no uncertian terms not to return to Fo Guang Shan. For me, Meher Baba is the latest Buddha. He said that he had taken previous births as Zoroaster, Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, and Mohammed, that in this life he was Maitreya Buddha, and he approved “Broad Buddhism” as one of the “High Roads to God.” Meher means compassion in Persian, so for me, this mantra is the litany of Meher Baba.

((Editing on 2 Dec 16 – One of Meher Baba’s early close disciples was a Buddhist called Dr. Nilu. That “Nilu” is a nickname from his given name, which was exactly the Nilkanth of Nilkanth Dharani. -vshr))

Vishveshwar Bodhisattva, 13 Aug 13

नीलकण्ठ धारनी / महा करुणा धारनी
Nilkanth Dharani / Maha Karuna Dharani

नमो रत्नत्रयाय नमह् अर्य अवलोकितेश्वराय
Namah ratanatrayaya / Namo aryavalokitesvaraya
बोधिसत्त्वाय महासत्वाय महाकारुनिकाय
Bodhisattvaya / Mahasattvaya / Mahakarunikaya
ॐ सर्वरभय सुधनदस्ये नमस्क्र्त्वा इमम्
Om sarva rabhaye / Shudhanadasya / Namo skritvaimom /
आर्यावलोकितेश्वर रंधव नमो नरकिन्दि।
Aryavalokitesvaraya ramdhava / Namo narakindi
ह्रिह् महावधसम सर्व अथदु शुभुं अजेयं।
Heri mahavadhasame / Sarva athadusubhum / Ajeyam
सर्व सत्य नम वस्त्य नमो वाक मार्ग दातुह्।
sarva satta / Namo vasata / Namo vaga mavadudhu
ॐ अवलोकि लोचते करते ए ह्रिह्
(Tagyatha?) Om avaloki lokate / Kalate ehre /
महाबोधिसत्त्व। सर्व सर्व मल मल महिम हृदयम्
Maha bodhisattva / Sarva sarva mala mala / Mahe mahredayam
कुरु कुरु कर्मुं धुरु धुरु विजयते महाविजयते
Kuru kuru karmam / Dhuru dhuru vajayate / mahavajayate
धर धर धिरीनिश्वराय चल चल मम विमल मुक्तेले
Dhara dhara / Dhirini svaraya / Cala cala / Mama vamara muktele
एहि एहि शिन शिन आरषं प्रचलि विष विषं प्राशय |
Ehe ehe / Cinda cinda / Arsam pracali / Vasa vasam prasaya
हुरु हुरु मर हुलु हुलु ह्रिह्
Huru huru mara / Huru huru hri
सर सर सिरि सिरि सुरु सुरु बोधिय बोधिय
Sara sara / Siri siri / Suru suru / Bodhiya bodhiya
बोधय बोधय । मैत्रिय नारकिन्दि
Bodhaya bodhaya / Maitriya narakindi
धर्षिनिन भयमान स्वाहा सिद्धाय स्वाहा
dharsinina / Payamana svaha / Siddhaya svaha
महासिद्धाय् स्वाहा सिद्धयोगेश्वराय स्वाहा
Mahasiddhaya svaha / Siddhayoge svaraya svaha /
नरकिन्दि स्वाहा मारणर स्वाहा
Narakindi svaha / Maranara svaha
शिर संह मुखाय स्वाहा सर्व महा असिद्धाय स्वाहा
Sirasamamukhaya svaha / Sarva maha siddhaya svaha
चक्र असिद्धाय स्वाहा पद्म हस्त्राय स्वाहा
Cakra siddhaya svaha / Padma kastaya svaha
नारकिन्दि वगलय स्वाहा मवरि शन्खराय स्वाहा
Narakindi vagaraya svaha / Mavari sankraya svaha
नमः रत्नत्रयाय नमो आर्यवलोकितेश्वराय स्वाहा
Namah ratnatrayaya / Namo aryavalokitesvaraya svaha
ॐ सिधयन्तु मन्त्र पदाय स्वाहा 
Om siddhyantu mantra padaya svaha ~

2 Responses to The Great Compassion Mantra in Devanagari Sanskrit (graphic file)

  1. FMA says:

    I also have been looking for this for a long time, thank god today let me found it !!! Very much of appreciate to you !!! Thank you soooo much!!!!!

    • Vishveshwar says:

      You’re SO welcome. And for the record, you’re not alone.

      Over time, this has been the most hit file on this site,
      and I’m sure it’s been mostly Asian traffic.

      Buddhas Bless,

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