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There will be another Dalai Lama …

But Tensin Gyatso doesn’t know the details, because that person won’t be him, and that person isn’t talking to him! Source: VOA interviews Dawa Tsering on the Dalai Lama’s Reincarnation The following is the conclusion of the article: 达瓦才仁表示,尊者达赖喇嘛提出在西藏问题上要“双赢”。他说,如果中国政府连达赖喇嘛这样“宽容”的态度都不能接受的话,西藏人就没有什么更多的选择了,“只有尖锐的对立状态”,而这种“对决”对双方都没有好处。 Dawa … Continue reading

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A Big Buddhist Wake-up Call for the Year of the Rooster

(click image to enlarge) The Kalachakra ritual, which brings Bodhisattvic (benevolent) intentions down from the Dharmakaya (Maitreya Meher’s Mental World) to the interface between the Sambhogakaya (MM’s Subtle World) and the gross world, is a damned fine way to kick … Continue reading

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