Meher Baba

for an epitome of Meher Baba’s life, one cannot do better than that of the official site of the Avatar Meher Baba PPC Trust, here: Meher Baba’s Biography.

But to really understand Meher Baba’s life and work. it is necessary to peruse all ten volumes of Bhau Kalchuri’s English biography here: Lord Meher. Bhau, whose given name was Vir Singh (Courageous Lion), was to Meher Baba what John the Beloved Apostle was to Jesus, and on his deathbed he became the Root Guru of this lineage. He was the one who fully recorded the fact that Meher Baba’s actual lifestyle was fundamentally that of the Buddha, brought forward to real time.

An Avatar of God can have any lifestyle that He wants, but He chooses what most serves the time of His Advent. Rama was a married householder, and was the epitome of a perfect man. So was Krishna, but Lord Krishna, who literally initiated the dreadful Kali Yuga by the wars and subsequent decimation of the Kshatriya race that He initiated, was from birth a naughty, naughty boy. It began with stealing butter, but before it was all over, he had stolen many a good woman from her husband. Whether there was any physical intimacy involved will never be finally determined, but what is absolutely true is that He stole their hearts. The Buddha was the epitome of a radical renunciate, who although born the crown prince of Nepal, flouted his parents’ wishes for him, and left his noble heritage, including his pregnant princess, to sit in the forest to Enlightenment under the Bo tree. Jesus’ lifestyle was equally renunciate, but at least He honored and requited the love of His Mother. Mohammed was again married, but departed from the norm by depending on His noble wife for love, sustenance, and both political and physical protection during the difficult and dangerous years when the intensity of the Divine Revelations that He recieved were simply altering Him beyond normal behavior. Mohammed, the Trustworthy, made up for that later by improving the status of all Arab women.

Meher Baba, like the Buddha and Jesus Christ before Him, was a renunciate. Although repeatedly given great gifts in money and land throughout His life, by those who recognized His spiritual status, He retained not one single iota in His own name. Everything was given away to those who needed it. All of the land, including what eventually became the seat of His Avataric work at Meherabad and Meherazad, was placed in the names of others during His life.

What distinguished Meher Baba’s renunciation from that of all previous Avatars that we know of was that its motive was service. Hence His emblem, right. Although His personal behavior was thoroughly renunciate, Meher Baba was absolutely not a monk. He had more involvements with individual human beings, throughout His entire life, than all other Avatars put together. In addition to that, he repeatedly and consistently engaged in mass service, bowing down to the feet of, and giving prasad to, deliberately assembled groups of lepers, destitute, and disadvantaged people of all kinds. He also conducted numerous Darshan programs, in which the masses flocked to see Him, and to individually bow to His feet and receive His blessing. Meher Baba literally did more direct service to humanity than all other Avatars of God put together, and could He have done that if the root of His mind had been owned by a wife and children?

In the midst of all of the above, together with numerous journeys all over the earth, what most clearly demonstrates that Meher Baba was the current Buddha was his New Life stage (1949-52), which He literally initiated at Sarnath, the site of Gautama Lord Buddha’s first sermon. After making other provisions for those who were dependent on Him financially, Meher Baba abruptly broke off, apparently for all time, all communications with all human beings except those who could meet the severe behavioral conditions of the New Life, and spent three years wandering the dusty roads of India with that small group of die-hard Companions. They were homeless and penniless. They had no income, except what limited dedicated donations Meher Baba allowed under conditions of extreme distress. By the Manonash (annihilation of the mind) stage at the end, only a small tattered band remained to tell the story, and it was fundamentally a story that could not be told, because they had achieved Manonash, which is another name for the Buddha’s Nirvana. The only survivor that I met personally was Eruch Jessawalla, and I am sure that he had passed through Manonash, and had subsequently attained Nirvikalpa Samadhi, although he acted as if he were nobody. But Eruch did not finally fool me about that, and that is a whole other story for another time.

I believe that the material that I have assembled and linked to below is the most comprehensive compendium of proof that Meher Baba was absolutely the current Buddha that exists anywhere online.

Namo Meher Baba Maitreya Buddha Thus-Come to This Age,

New Life Circulars (PDF)

Excerpts from the New Life Circulars (Index)

Buddhist-related Excerpts from *Lord Meher* (Index)

Meher Baba as Maitreya Buddha, per Prof. J. S. Rathore of Meherabad

Other Meher Baba (Index)

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